Coleman Andrews – Friend of Mitt Romney from Bain Capital Team

During the 15 years, that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney held a full time job at Bain Capital, the Boston investment firm he co-founded in 1984. He formed many close ties with Coleman Andrews and many others throughout the private equity realm, “Mitt knew and worked with most of the leading figures in the industry, many of whom are still active today,” says Geoffrey Rehnert, Co-founder of the Audax Group, a Boston PE Firm, who shared the same tenure at Bain Capital as Romney. “Mitt is universally respected by all as smart, honorable and extraordinarily capable,” Says Rehnert, who was supporting Romney’s Presidential Bid.

Here is a close look at Rehnert and some of Romney’s other Bain contemporaries who are still involved in PE today, plus some younger PE investors with close connections to the candidate. Keep an eye on them; they may have the ear of next President.

T. Coleman Andrews

Romney hired T. Coleman Andrews in 1979 to work at Bain & Co. and then tapped him to help launch Bane capital as a Co-Founder. Andrews left the firm in 1986 to become the CEO of World Airways INC., a provider of long-range passenger and cargo air transportation services.

Andrews is currently the CEO of San Francisco based Rocky Mountain Wealth Concepts, which manages capital for high net worth individuals and invests in private equity firms. He serves as an advisor to several PE firms, including Trilantic Capital Partners. From 2005 to 2012, Andrews was also CEO of a Financial Services Firm.

Andrews is an active republican. From 1994 to 1997, he ran for the office of Lt. Governor of Virginia, eventually withdrawing due to family obligations while leading the race, according to his bio on the Trilantic website.

Politics runs in his family. His Grand Father, who bore the same name, ran for US President as the States Rights Party candidate in 1956. As accountant, he had served as commissioner of the internal revenue service under President Dwight Eisenhower but had stepped down, stating his opposition to income tax.

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